Research-Based Gamifying of Learning

Straylings is an app game based on neuro-education research. It is designed to use both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to gamify homework.

Benefits for Everyone

  • Engaging game-based assessment of skills
  • Parental gate that prevents access to other sites
  • No identifying data is collected without permission
  • Bridge between school and home – suits remote learning
  • Real-time progress reports for learners, teachers and parents
  • Builds competence in learners to be able to perform in test situations and participate in problem-solving tasks and collaborative discussions
  • Curriculum agnostic tasks that are applicable across many jurisdictions

Benefits for Guides

Discover the benefits of Straylings for teachers, parents and guardians.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Time-saving tool for individualized homework/task setting
  • Visual comparative tool to assess task completion and monitor real time progress
  • Decision support system to help with modifications to tasks
  • Links to real world application of skills in project-based learning activities that can be done collaboratively in the classroom

Benefits for Parents and Guardians

  • Access to your child’s homework tasks
  • Real time reports on your child’s progress
  • (in the Subscription version) Opportunity to reward your children for their improvements with the collector cards which are powered by your child’s own fluency scores!

Download the game on the App Store or the Google Play store using the links at the bottom of the page.

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