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Straylings® is a game that turns homework into a rescue mission.

Straylings are creatures that have wandered into our world from the Inner Realms. They were frightened and a kindly wizard trapped them in cards until they can be released.

Your job is to release them by powering them up with your skill power, collecting them and taking them home. Can you do that?

Note: Web version seen in the video is a prototype version only

Welcome to Straylings®

Everyone can use the Straylings free app to improve their skills in the Explore mode. For those with no access to education, we provide quality teaching resources that build mastery of crucial skills in solving problems and collaborating with peers.

The intrinsic reward of completing a rescue coupled with an extrinsic reward of a powered-up collector card makes Straylings a unique learning opportunity. Power scores are increased through persistence and resilience (failing forward) as these are contributors to the eventual fluency (speed) that the learner gains.

Reward Your Children for Closing Their Competency Gaps in Numeracy and Literacy Skills

Explore the world of skill-powers! Watch your children embark on a journey and discover their full potential.

Currently, many children miss out in classroom discussions, problem-solving tasks and project work because they lack competency in the skills required to complete the tasks and collaborate with others. Straylings provides a means to address the competency gaps.

In a well-designed game like Straylings, failure loses its power to discourage. Confidence and competence naturally build as they level-up, and mastery (fluency of recall) becomes a rewarding experience.

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